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Cardboard boxes are designed to provide unbeaten protection, improve pack & despatch efficiency, and suit all of your packaging needs. Dibiaa has multiple varieties of Cardboard boxes, making it the leading cardboard box manufacturer in India. 


Your products in our cardboard boxes will make them look more enriched.

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Order Cardboard Boxes from the Leading Indian Cardboard Manufacturer

Proper packaging is an additional expense for businesses but a necessary one. It offers an additional layer of protection and makes your product look presentable. In modern times, companies are becoming more environmentally conscious. So, they are resorting to using cardboard packaging boxes. But, these boxes would have to be high-quality to protect the product. Plus, it would help if you worked with a reliable supplier that goes over and beyond to meet your packaging needs. Dibiaa is among India’s leading corrugated box manufacturers, offering a comprehensive range of packaging box manufacturing solutions to meet your unique requirements. Whatever your needs, Dibiaa offers durable, high quality and heavy-duty products at low prices and with the highest customer service standards. Enjoy hassle-free shipping with our range of products that minimise the risk of unfortunate but common shipping problems, including breakages. Read on to learn how Dibiaa can help with your cardboard packaging needs and the benefits of working with us.


Businesses looking for a cheap, eco-friendly packaging solution should invest in cardboard packaging. It is a great, cost-saving solution for various packaging and storage needs. Cardboard offers incredibly high protection levels, providing great value. Plus, these boxes are highly versatile and environmentally friendly. You can use them to package a wide variety of products and recycle them repeatedly, lowering your cost and carbon footprint while ensuring that your customers receive their products intact. Contact Dibiaa today to customise cardboard boxes to your preference.

Different Types of Cardboard Boxes

Dibiaa manufactures many cardboard box styles to package and store gifts, jewellery, and more. Dibiaa has invested in corrugated packaging to offer a high-quality product. Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy packing material made from three layers of kraft paper. Its name comes from the wavy paper’s interior layer, also referred to as the corrugated medium. During manufacture, the inner sheet undergoes the corrugation process with a corrugation machine to create stiff folds, otherwise known as flutes, in the paper. Next, the corrugated medium is glued between two kraft paper sheets, forming the outer liners. This three-layered structure makes corrugated cardboard much stronger than normal cardboard. You can order different corrugated cardboard box types, including:


Statistics show that 72% of customers' purchasing decisions are influenced by well-designed branded packaging, meaning businesses need to invest in custom packaging.

Dibiaa is well-versed in designing custom packaging. Our team of project managers, designers and structural engineers work together to match your client’s needs to the ideal customised packaging solution. Let us know how you’d like to customise your packaging to include brand name, logo, contact information, social media handles, etc., in different colours, sizes and shapes.

Leading Manufacturer of Cardboard Boxes in India


Dibiaa is a trusted packaging solution that has been in the game for decades. We’ve worked with many popular brands in India, including Uber, Audi Jaipur, ACT fibernet, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Harsha stones Industries, Normet, and Voylla, to name a few.

Premium Quality

Dibiaa does not compromise on quality, which is why we offer the best quality with the best value. We use high-quality materials to manufacture packaging boxes for our clients.

Serve Diverse Industries

We create stunning packaging products for various industries, including automobile, IT, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, fashion & clothing, and more.

Customised Packaging Boxes

We understand how much difference customised packaging can make for your brand. That’s why Dibiaa provides customised packaging boxes designed by you or our team with your company name, logo, business information, colours, and more.

Buy Cardboard Boxes from Trusted Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Dibiaa is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cardboard jewellery boxes. We are committed to growing your brand by providing packaging made from high-quality packaging materials at a low price. Choose from a wide range of cardboard gift boxes, including bespoke customised options that show off your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd. What’s more, we have great experience in the packaging industry, so we offer competitive solutions for big and small companies. Reach us today to order cardboard storage boxes.


Make branded boxes with full customisation, instant quoting & fast turnarounds!


Dibiaa manufactures cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes, and we offer packaging box shipping all over India.

Yes. Cardboard is a sustainable packaging type since it’s manufactured from renewable raw materials. It can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality, making it reusable and long-lasting.

Yes, you can contact us to get a cardboard box sample.

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk purchases. Reach us with your quote to see what discount percentage you’re eligible for.

Yes. Our design team can help envision and design your packaging, bringing it to life.

Our minimum order requirement (MOQ) is 50 cardboard packing boxes.

Your products in our cardboard boxes will make them look more enriched.

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