Gift Hamper Box

Dibiaa believes that packaging for items, especially gift items, are more important than the items themselves. A gift in packaging such as a hamper box will make gifting to both the giver and the receiver memorable.


SIZE AVAILABLE : 8 X 8 X 3 Inches | 10 X 10 X 4 Inches

Your Gifts in our gift hamper boxes will make them look more enriched.

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Our Collection Of Gift Hamper Boxes

It’s sometimes hectic for you to choose the right gift hamper boxes for your gifting needs but it doesn’t have to be.
Our collection of gift hamper boxes are thoughtfully structured and designed so that you won’t have to worry when choosing them for your gifting needs.
Superior materials were carefully sourced and state-of-the-art equipment was used in manufacturing our gift hamper boxes.

As the leading gift box manufacturer in India to give you premium and quality gift hamper boxes you can passionately rely on them to deliver that kind gesture to those you are gifting.

Excellent designs, luxurious, and exclusive feel you desire to enjoy from a gift hamper box are all associated with Dibiaa gift hamper boxes.

Sizes include big types for bulky items and small types for mini items.

They are available in any  shapes that fit your needs. All in dazzling and eye-pleasing colours of brilliant white, tangerine colours and more colourful gift hamper boxes you can choose from.

Items are absolutely secure, special, and in great condition when Dibiaa gift hamper boxes are used.

Personalise Your Delivery With A Custom Gift Hamper Boxes

Part of what makes a gift hamper box precious is its customisation. Because with hamper boxes you can personalise your gift to leave a lasting incredible impression on the receivers of your gifts.

At Dibiaa our gift hamper boxes are finest and fully customizable that includes: brand name, logo, contact details, etc. Helping you with your goals of personification and leaving a truly amazing impression on the receivers of your gifts.

You don’t have to be picky about Dibiaa gift hamper boxes, because all Dibiaa gift hamper boxes are specifically made to fit your requirements. The gift hamper boxes are thoughtfully crafted by our expert team of project supervisors, designers, and assemblers to ensure you have that special customisation.

Dibiaa, A Leading Manufacturer of Gift Hamper Boxes in India

Dibiaa is trusted by a group of well-meaning brands such as GIFTING, Dora, Anthea, Half Dot, O-Kit, Jungle Sting, Thelagadi, Tummy pops, SKC, Skinn and You, Roseatte, Maharani Mehnsar, Confetti Gifts and many more.

If Dibiaa doesn’t deliver top-tier value and quality gift hamper boxes; all these groups of brands won’t risk recommending and using Dibiaa’s gift hamper box.

Premium quality, humanised interaction and customer satisfaction are what sets Dibiaa apart. All these give you a purposeful experience when you use Dibiaa gift hamper boxes for your gifting needs.

Human socio-cultural behaviours are unique and magnificent therefore it’s paramount to deal with them at that level, that is why at Dibiaa we don’t just come up, design, and manufacture these boxes, but we put all these reasons into consideration to essentially conform appropriately with your gifting needs.

Dibiaa gift hamper boxes are excellently designed,  stunning, and meet acceptable international standards.

Buy Gift Hamper Boxes From Leading Manufacturer & Wholesaler

At Dibiaa we cater for all your gifting desires. you want to present gifts to New mums/ Mums to be, birthday gifts, corporate gifts, etc.,  in gift hamper boxes, we got them, all in exotic designs, shapes, colours and sizes. Whether you’re gifting to a selected few groups of people or a large assemblage of people. Dibiaa got you covered as we are a large leading manufacturing company of gift hamper boxes you can rely on.

You can rely on Dibiaa because of the following:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dibiaa today to check out our various gift hamper boxes for all your gift packaging needs.


Yes, We take pride in our plentiful rigid box packaging solutions, be rest assured that you won’t get stranded.

Since sometimes clients have a low budget or just compliment a shortfall we have set the order requirement to 50 boxes minimum.

Yes, More than anything they are very recyclable and Reusable, rigid boxes are among the strongest packaging solutions out there.

And Dibiaa takes meticulous care to manufacture these boxes to meet world-class standards of durability and quality.

Yes, we have great samples for you to choose from, Dibiaa values customer relationships more than the merchandise itself because having mutual relationships translates to satisfaction for you and more sales for us.

We don’t take more than seven working days to deliver your rigid box packaging solutions, so you can quickly get over the packaging processes and move on to the next step of delivery more seamlessly.

We don’t want you to go through complex steps just to pay for your purchases as such we have a seamless payments gateway which includes: 

Apple pays Google pay, Mastercard, Visa card and That you can effortlessly follow to make payments

Yes, what joy and rationale is there if you make bulky purchases and no discounts are provided, surely you’re not coming back to that wholesaler. We at Dibiaa understand all these things and we provide reasonable discounts for all your bulky purchases.

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