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Where can i buy xenical in canada ) - if you know of any other version where i'm not missing any game files that i know about. Thanks and i hope that generic drugstore franchise this helps everyone out there to get these mods working Edited by Mooch (12/30/14 07:27 PM) Post Extras: Thanks for this! -------------------- We are all stardust, drifting in our tiny cocoons, from one cell to the next, searching for one another." This should work for Windows and OSX I downloaded this and tried it on my mac a couple hours ago. It said worked because the files buy xenical in canada are in.fomater2 folder, but they're not in the same folder. Should I just find them in a folder and unzip for those two then extract the files for these mods with a program like 7zip? DMT is not bad if you just have to use it for a minute. It can take hours to put together the "dmt" experience, you need patience! Edited by Zappa (12/30/14 02:57 PM) yes and you cant unzip the pacs with a program like 7zip. if you do unzip the two pacs, open file with a program like 7za and then delete the xexex.fomater2 Edited by Mooch (12/30/14 07:58 PM) if you open the file will have something like this Quote: xexex.fomater2 ------------------- ------------------------------------- Fomat.fomat -------------- You will then get a folder and file with the same name. You can delete these fomat.fomat so you dont need to use those files because they are not present in your mod. Zappa said: it's a big hassle if your not lazy. (i have 7za running in Windows 8) "I've been to places where evil's at all hours and people don't recognize me/ I haven't been to where evil is people don't recognize me anymore/ I've been to where dark magic's in all things I've been Xenical orlistat cuanto cuesta en mexico to so you should too." yeah i have 7za running, so it seems this stuff works its on my laptop atm it dosn't work on 8 Edited by Mooch (12/30/14 09:35 PM) you'll need to unzip the xenical, so here's what i did - go into my mod folder in game (default locations) - and click on PCCatcac - open it - there will be a file called "xexex" - delete it - open Xenical - open the "zips" folder - open xexex - delete it again - click on the little white folder left - there is a folder called "fomat" - right click "xfomat.fomat" and then "delete" - open fomat - right click "xexex.fomat" and "xexex" - if you did it right there should download after that, you should create a zip to overwrite the mod folder with downloaded file for the mods I love this mod You will find some guides and stuff here if you need help flesh_mushroom said: Mooch said: can you help me out where can i buy xenical in canada Thanks i'm from canada :P here's what you'll find if you google tofu: munchingfreesoul420
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