Rigid Box Packaging Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Rigid box, very versatile and secure packaging solutions for high-quality items such as classy pairs of shoes, jewellery, beauty products like glamorous perfume, and electronics such as: smartphones, outlandish wristwatches, etc.


SIZE AVAILABLE : 8 X 8 X 3 Inches | 10 X 10 X 4 Inches

Your products in our boxes will make them look more enriched.

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Rigid Box : Premier Solution For Your Gift Set Needs

Rigid Box packaging solutions generally offer a luxurious and elegant feel to a product it’s used in packaging while keeping the product ultimately protected from atmospheric conditions, and rough handling all through its journey from the producer to the customer safely.

At Dibiaa we are manufacturer and wholesaler of these Rigid box packaging solutions that have an appealing and enticing outlook and are structurally solid and sturdy. Our rigid boxes can comfortably withstand any impacts from rough handling and weather conditions that your purchase encounter during delivery keeping your product neatly protected.

Dibiaa is a leading rigid box packaging manufacturer of various shapes: circular, square, rectangular, V-shaped and any shape you want. Dibiaa’s types of rigid boxes includes: top-bottom rigid box, three part rigid box, drawer style rigid box, and flap magnetic rigid box, in vivid colors for you to choose from. For all your packaging needs.

Dibiaa’s types of rigid boxes includes

Top-bottom rigid box Three part rigid box
Drawer style rigid box Flap magnetic rigid box

The aesthetic appeal and tiptop quality of Dibiaa rigid box packaging solutions, guarantees a long-term connection between your customers and your brand, long after they purchase from you. And Dibiaa rigid boxes are customizable to specifically fit any purpose you want to use them for printing your business logo, icon contact details and the brand’s slogan etc., on the rigid boxes Dibiaa will masterfully take care of all the customization for you. Thinking of why you should try out Dibiaa rigid box packaging solutions, then read on and get real-time closures that clarify your confusion while offering what best suits your purposes and your budget.

Your products in our boxes will make them look more enriched.

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Custom Rigid Boxes

It’s common to see plain rigid boxes out there that have no definitions whatsoever and are unattractive but still maintain sturdiness. That lack of customization makes them less defined.

At Dibiaa not only would you get eye-pleasing and charming rigid box packaging solutions but also fully customised for your unique specifications as it’s relevant to your business. You only need to supply all your personification or brand details such as logo, slogan contact details, etc., to Dibiaa and the results are your finished and functional rigid box packaging solutions for your intended purposes.

Leading Manufacturer Of Rigid Boxes In India

It’s certainly honourable and liberating to stand for meaningful principles, at Dibiaa we stand for proffering and providing seamless and affordable packaging solutions such as Rigid box packaging solutions and more, that resonate with every industry and personal brand across India.

With our painstakingly earned endorsement through hard work, dedication, and looking out for each of our team members we are proud to be a preferred go-to rigid box packaging solutions manufacturer and wholesaler in India.

You as our clients will be treated with a high degree of understanding and respect all through your journey of purchasing from Dibiaa; an amazing experience awaits you.

Why Choose Dibiaa Rigid Boxes For Packaging

Because we know that rigid boxes are not meant to look audacious, dashing, and merry inducing alone but to also serve the meaningful purpose of presenting a product in a prestigious manner and safely for the product manufacturer or to the consumer; as the case may be. 

Dibiaa’s unfazed and well-earned reputation is our propelling force to help you with those high-standard rigid box packaging solutions you passionately need and trust.

Below are reasons for you to believe that Dibiaa cares for your luxurious and strong packaging solutions for your intended purposes:

Customer service

Our customer service is rigid just like our boxes, you will never be let down.


Our transparency is straightforward. You will be shown all the in and out of our operations so that you make well-informed selections.

Customer service

Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting rigid boxes that can serve you long, especially for storing your high-quality items; we manufacture them all.


Dibiaa is prepared to carefully customise rigid boxes that exactly suit your requirements.

Manufacturing Workforce

We have rigid boxes for your numerous needs, therefore worry not as Dibiaa has the capability and capacity to manufacture them all for you.

Astonishing Results

We have rigid boxes for your numerous needs, therefore worry not as Dibiaa has the capability and capacity to manufacture them all for you.

Wholesale Custom Rigid Box Packaging Solutions

Purchasing from a wholesaler of products means you are making a good deal and getting it at great prices too, in a way that you can fully capitalise on it to get massive satisfaction and profits for you.

At Dibiaa you get that and more, which includes: customisation for your specific needs, provides samples for you to choose from, super-efficient customer support, etc.

Businesses that are into selling high-end products use rigid box packaging solutions to ensure deeper connections and retain customers for long periods. Surely you won’t deprive your business too from the power of this impressive rigid box packaging solution.
It’s more than a mere sturdy box, it portrays authenticity, superiority and elegance to whoever used it or whatever it’s used to package. It’s glorious.

Get in touch to let Dibiaa help you with free quotes and insights for your packaging needs now.


Yes, We take pride in our plentiful rigid box packaging solutions, be rest assured that you won’t get stranded.

Since sometimes clients have a low budget or just compliment a shortfall we have set the order requirement to 50 boxes minimum.

Yes, More than anything they are very recyclable and Reusable, rigid boxes are among the strongest packaging solutions out there.

And Dibiaa takes meticulous care to manufacture these boxes to meet world-class standards of durability and quality.

Yes, we have great samples for you to choose from, Dibiaa values customer relationships more than the merchandise itself because having mutual relationships translates to satisfaction for you and more sales for us.

We don’t take more than seven working days to deliver your rigid box packaging solutions, so you can quickly get over the packaging processes and move on to the next step of delivery more seamlessly.

We don’t want you to go through complex steps just to pay for your purchases as such we have a seamless payments gateway which includes: 

Apple pays Google pay, Mastercard, Visa card and pay.com. That you can effortlessly follow to make payments

Yes, what joy and rationale is there if you make bulky purchases and no discounts are provided, surely you’re not coming back to that wholesaler. We at Dibiaa understand all these things and we provide reasonable discounts for all your bulky purchases.

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