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Fluconazole generics pharmacy. We had been told this drug would be available in several months, so I asked my mom if she could do the research herself. She did. At 3:30pm last Tuesday, April 3rd 2006, I called the manufacturer's number and spoke to a pharmacy manager. It appears I may have missed a trick on the day I was supposed to receive these amazing products. He said that there are in fact no generics for this drug...and that if it were to come out that there were none, we would have to change another brand. As a consumer (in the US) I felt robbed, as this drug is one that I need to try if ever want keep myself from becoming horribly bloated, with an incredibly bloated abdomen (and if I'm going to have the surgery, I need to try reduce the number of stomach upsets that occur before surgery). The pharmacy manager insisted that we send back the bottle and that they would order a new one. I took a fluconazole 150 mg generic photograph of the label (after carefully searching internet) and sent it right away. Not to my surprise, it was sent a couple days later. On Thursday at 5pm, I received a call from the pharmacist who informed me that the new label (that I had sent) "a problem with a sticker on the back". They were afraid that I had not read the label, as I had requested a photograph of the label and sent it as soon I received it. As I explained, was curious to see if they would send a new label and when the problem did not immediately present itself, I was more than willing to do some research on the drug. The reason I did not know about this problem before is that it a rather common one and most companies, when I try to search their site online, give me an error: There seems to be little information available as to any potential health dangers associated with the use of this drug and I would be interested to hear of any positive fluconazol genericum experiences... I do know fluconazole over the counter substitute that my sister, who lives in Canada, is using it, and has very positive experiences, I do know that a lot of doctors prescribe it. I am simply curious to know if there is a negative experience associated with these drugs and whether there is the same kind of marketing that is out there. I have been researching generics as I understand it and am wondering if there are products that safe, effective and will not result in side effects. I will be very interested to hear from anyone who has read the label and have positive experiences. So far, I have heard of two generics to get around this problem and they require two bottles of the drug. These generics are for this drug and they were both very good reviews: "This product provides excellent relief. This is an all natural compound that is effective at keeping the problem bay. I bought this product and am so happy I did. have already written a review for it on Amazon, because this product does really work. I have been using this product for over 8 months and I did not get the flu at all. I have had no back pains, I have not had a fever, I am not bloated, my stomach looks better, I am very loose and keep a tight frame. great product! Highly Recommended !" - A "This is the second one of these I have bought. been using"
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