About Us

Our Story :

Dibiaa came into existence when we realized that small and medium jewellers were not getting a proper solution to their packaging needs and they were facing the following challenges:

  1. They were unclear about the sizes and specification they should opt for
  2. They were mostly never entertained by vendors for small quantity personalised boxes which forced them to order larger quantities.
  3. Sometimes even if they found a solution they would have to follow up numerous times to get a price quote and it would be at a very  heavy price with no defined delivery  timelines and no quality assurance.

So after a lot of R & D and brainstorming we came up with Dibiaa to overcome these challenges and made it  as the most easy to order, transparent and one stop ecommerce solution to the Jewellery Industry .

What we stand for ? 

We believe the packaging of the product is equally or more important than the product itself. The first thing that the consumer sees is the packaging which means “THE BOX” The packaging is always about creating an experience, building brand value, trust & goodwill. Our mission is to make our customers build all of this & Customer Experience & Care is the core of our value system

With a product range to fit each one’s budget , our promise to this community would be to constantly innovate and bring out the latest and the best solution each time every time