Know-How to Organize Your Jewellery Collection


Are you wondering about attracting quality jewelry storage boxes for your safe storage? Want some storage boxes that can give your jewelry the care it needs? Well, Print Xpress curates sophisticated jewelry boxes which adds to your wardrobe statement.

Jewelry organizer boxes come in a wide range and differ in various aspects. Protecting your precious pieces of the finest ornaments is crucial, and with a storage box, you can get what you are looking for. We know you do not want your jewelry to get scratched, destroyed, or torn, especially on a special day. Moreover, storage boxes prove to be handy and effective during travel which ensures the safe-keeping of your necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, etc.

At some point, you forget the most precious and unique accessories you carry and eventually end up losing them. Because of unorganized storage, it becomes a mess and difficult to find what you are looking for. Thus, jewelry storage boxes offer great significance in carrying the ornaments safely. For customized and quality boxes, Print Xpress designs and fulfills the needs of their customers by creating a unique storage box for everyday needs.


Jewelry Storage Box Manufacturers

Print Xpress is a leading jewelry box manufacturer in India that offers premium quality storage boxes. Beautifully carved and designed with quality material, these storage boxes are also considered to be a thoughtful gifting option. With safe packaging and a luxurious outlook, you can store your precious ornaments in them and enhance the elegance of your wardrobe.

Being a leader in this industry, Print Xpress aims to design its products using premium quality material and find the best solutions for its customers. We allow you to get your personalized boxes ready of your own choice and idea, as at Print Xpress you will get customization in every possible way.


Benefits of Owning Jewellery Box​

Gone are the days when you kept your jewelry in cardboard boxes or inside the drawers. With the invention of modern technology, today you will find a variety of jewelry packaging boxes that will provide the safety your beautiful ornaments deserve. Print Xpress offers special storage boxes, and the jewelry box price comes at a minimal cost. The following benefits will provide great insight into how antique jewelry boxes can aid you well.

  • It helps you keep all your jewelry in one place. Imagine getting ready for a party and trying to find matching earrings to go with your necklace.
  • You would not want your earrings to get entangled with your clothes and go into the washing machine, never to be seen again.
  • Most jewelry boxes come with a lining that not only keeps jewelry from being damaged, but also protects the polish of the jewelry from being tarnished. You need to keep the necklaces straight in a jewelry box to keep their hinges from breaking.
  • It serves as a good decor item for your dresser and adds to the beauty of your room
  • If you own a compact version of a jewelry box, it is easy for you to pack and carry your jewelry when you are traveling. All your jewelry items stay in one place and don't get mixed up with other things.
  • If you own a jewelry box with a lock, it ensures the safety of your jewelry”


Latest Collections​

Print Xpress has worked enthusiastically on creating new and unique jewelry boxes. You can even get them customized with your own choice. We have an extensive range of storage boxes and while you buy jewelry boxes online, make sure to look at our latest collection where you will find some amazing & attractive boxes to beautify your wardrobe.


Buy Jewellery Box Online ​

Want a new collection of jewelry storage boxes online? Are you looking to get your hands on the most precious and elegant boxes? Well, Print Xpress provides you with a wide range of jewelry storage boxes that you can purchase online.

All you have to do is tell us your needs and requirements, and we will curate the perfect box as you imagined. Glorify your jewelry just like they glorify your outlook with quality jewelry boxes online.


Types of Jewellery Boxes ​


Ring box-​

As the name suggests, ring boxes are uniquely designed to store and keep the rings safe. They come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You can get a box that can hold one ring and a box that can hold several rings altogether. For your business needs, Print Xpress allows you to get your customized needs fulfilled by ordering from us.


Necklace Box-

Necklace boxes are also known as Armoires, which contain multiple drawers for hanging your necklaces. These are generally padded to keep your necklace from getting scratches. Moreover, they also come in different shapes & sizes. You can find them with narrow compartments where hooks are attached to nook the necklace, bracelets, chains, etc., ensuring that they do not get entangled with each other.


Earring Box-

Earring boxes are quite similar to ring boxes, however, they also come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. You will also find them in a box set where you can store earrings and necklaces. These are specially designed to store a complete set of your jewelry. Earring boxes have two cut deeps on the padded cushion where the earring is inserted, and it does not fall out of the box. It keeps your earring and the hook safe.


Bangle Box-

Bangle boxes are popularly used today to keep the set of your bangles safe. Many times, bangles are damaged or cracked due to unorganized storage. Therefore, Print Xpress has curated specialized bangles' storage boxes that provide you with the safekeeping of your bangles.


Bracelet Box-

Bracelet boxes give your precious bracelets the safety and beauty they desire. Such storage boxes keep their elegance intact while ensuring that not even a stone falls out of them. By getting your customized bracelet storage box with unique designs, you can exemplify the true meaning of beauty.

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